Library 2.X: What Now?

A "Models for Change" retreat for librarians from Brigham Young University,

Utah State University, and the University of Utah

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This blog was used for the original Utah research library retreat: "Planning for Research Success in the 21st Century: A Retreat for Librarians from Utah." It will continue to be used for the follow-up retreat: "Library 2.X: What Now?" Please use it to exchange ideas before, during, and after the retreat. If you would like permission to post to the blog, contact Steven Harris.

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Friday, June 29, 2007

2007 Retreat Info

Take a look at last year's blog entries (below), and a look at this year's agenda. We're excited about our interesting and provocative speakers and hope you will enjoy participating in a day of thinking about change in our libraries and our profession.

Welcome 2.0

What will the future bring to academic libraries? How will our roles change? What will our users expect of us? We asked those questions in 2006 at the retreat for Utah research librarians. We are still thinking about those questions a year later.

Therefore, we will continue to use this blog to investigate these questions and share ideas, as we meet once again. But we'll also have information from the previous retreat available on this site. Investigate the archives to view posts from last year.

If you would like to post messages to this blog, contact Steven Harris at

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